Over the past few years, a number of evaluation and case studies have been conducted examining the impact of high performance mindset training in different organisations.

It is interesting to read what participants have to say about high performance mindset training and its impact. Please see comments in Appendix of Technical Report 1. Comments from participants who have attended a number of our HPMW training programs are also available.

Here are the consensus findings. In a relatively short period of time, a vast majority of participants show the following benefits:

  • development of a high performance mindset
  • greater self-awareness and self-reflection, positivity, confidence and calmness in tough and challenging work situations
  • more frequent and effective engagement in ‘high impact’ leadership, management and workplace behaviour

ROI = greater productivity, innovation, leadership, teamwork and wellbeing.

The following case studies and reports may be clicked (and downloaded).

Technical Report 1
Increasing the Capability and Effectiveness of School Leaders: Impact of the High Performance Mindset at Work Leadership Program View onscreen | PDF

Technical Report 2
The High Performance Mindset at Work Training Program: Evaluation of Impact on Team Members
View onscreen | PDF

Technical Report 3
Increasing the Effectiveness of School Leadership and Teams: Impact of High Performance Developmental Conversations
View onscreen | PDF

Case Study 1
Senior Leadership Resilience training (Health Sector)
View onscreen | PDF

Case Study 2
Monash Health – The High Performance Mindset at Work Training (E-learning course)
View onscreen | PDF

What Participants say (PDF)


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